Five minutes late…

I am delivering a Xamarin workshop this week. Unfortunately for my sleeping habits, the location is Munich, appr. 550km away from home.

The best way to get there is by train, at least if you don’t like flying. So, my train was to depart at 4.30am. Which implied I would have to leave home at latest at 3.50am.

Well. So much for the theory.

In practice, I left home at 3.55am. Which caused me to directly head on the Autobahn towards Munich. Instead of having a somewhat relaxed trip to the Bavarian capital, I had an unrelaxing one in my car. And instead of elegantly driving with an ICE-train from Munich to Frankfurt and then back home on Friday, I’ll drive back home on Thursday and try to catch the morning train from Berlin to Frankfurt on Friday, since I don’t want do sit in my car for 10+ hours.

This makes five minutes quite important.

And that’s why I try to keep an eye on the details, though I’m the high-level guy at Cloudibility.

Image Gallery: Deutsches Technikmuseum October 2017

Last week, my family and I visited the Deutsche Technikmuseum in Berlin, a very interesting place. Here you can virtually stroll through history, you can experience trains, planes, cars, ships as well as photography or jewellery.

 24mm f/4 1/2500s ISO800, Canon 6d Mk I with Canon EF 24-105mm IS USM L-lens

24mm f/4 1/2500s ISO800, Canon 6d Mk I with Canon EF 24-105mm IS USM L-lens

I uploaded many images into a gallery. Some of these pictures were already featured in my blog or my instagram account, most of them are not and perhaps won’t ever be.

You can find the gallery here.

So, happy exploring – and leave me a comment!