Life at Cloudibility (XIV): Wir haben einen Personalchef!

Nach einem Organigramm und einer großartigen 1-Jahres-Geburtstagfeier, wurde es Zeit, den nächsten Schritt hin zu einem professionell aufgestellten Unternehmen zu gehen: Wir haben seit heute einen eigenen Personalchef – und der ist zu allem Überfluss bis gestern noch Betriebsratsvorsitzender gewesen…

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Try something

My girlfriend asked me this afternoon, how to log out of the official Twitter App for Android. Turned out, it was very well hidden, since they – of course – don’t want you to ever log out of it.

This made me think of the way I personally use these apps (Twitter, LinkedIn, XING, Facebook) and why I always should remain logged in there and if it wouldn’t make sense to actually uninstall them and use a browser instead.

Well, I did so. I installed Firefox Focus (Firefox Klar as it is called here in the DACH-Region), navigated to these sites, added Homescreen Shortcuts and uninstalled or at least cleared the memory of the social media apps.

Frankly, it is a little bit more work to log in into the mobile websites all the time (which one could circumvent using something like LastPass) and the Firefox Focus Icons look very dull, but it feels right since every time I close the website, all cookies get erased. This prevents my privacy outside these networks and helps keeping my mobile devices fast.

Feels good so far, let’s see, how long I will remain committed to this experiment.