Frühlingsanfang in Altlandsberg

Gestern sind meine Jungs und ich etwas spazieren gegangen worden. Ein paar hübsche Bilder kamen dabei herum.

Wiese (50mm Canon FD, F2.8, ISO 125, 1/2000s)

Königliches Postamt (50mm Canon FD, F2.8, ISO 250, 1/4000s)

Entlang der alten Stadtmauer (50mm Canon FD, F2.8, ISO 160, 1/4000s)

Wald an der Erlengrundhalle (50mm Canon FD, F2.8, ISO 320, 1/4000s)

Bach an der Erlengrundhalle (50mm Canon FD, F2.8, ISO 400, 1/4000s)

Naturschutzgebiet an der TOTAL Tankstalle (50mm Canon FD, F2.8, ISO 600, 1/4000s)

Alle Fotos wurden mit meiner Sony Alpha II und einem adaptierten Canon FD 50mm F1.4-Objektiv geschossen und auf das iPhone XS übertragen. Dort wurden sie Quick & Dirty nachbearbeitet.

Foto: Lotte, Katzen-Model

70mm F/5.6 1/240s ISO400, Sony Alpha 7 MK II mit Sony FE 28-70mm Kit Objektiv

Lotte ist eine Katze. Und als solches mag sie mich nicht sonderlich und lässt sich nicht gerne von mir fotografieren.

Manchmal aber lässt sie es doch zu, und dann kommen solche Bilder dabei heraus. ???

Photo: Peaceful Sunday

4.25mm F/1.7 1/17s ISO800, OnePlus 6, filtered using Adobe Lightroom CC, book currently read: „Quicksilver“ by Neal Stephenson

At the end of a very busy, exhausting and stressful week, I took out my 5 year old Kindle Paperwhite and decided to read a book. Without disturbances and notifications, without video, color or any other distraction from the only one interesting thing: The book’s content.

As if mother nature is supporting this, today is a very peaceful and quite day. The cats are playing outdoors, the birds are quite silent, my younger son plays some games on his Android phone, the elder one still sleeps and my beautiful girlfriend watches some TV shows on her iPad, wearing her headphones.

So, the world around me is quite silent. I hope, it will remain that way for a while, since I enjoy it.

It’s a peaceful Sunday indeed.

Thank you, life.

Photo: Vintage Trabant


50mm F/6.3 1/1250s ISO200, Sony Alpha II with Canon FD 50mm F/1.4 vintage lens, filtered using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Once upon a time (some 30 years ago), you had to wait up to 18 years for such a car – usually, the East-Germans ordered one after having given birth to a child. The Trabant was the only affordable car in East-Germany and was a super robust vehicle, which still runs today to thousands.


Photo: Altes Stadthaus Strausberg

4.30mm F/1.5 1/3650s ISO50, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, filtered using Adobe Lightroom CC

Today, my beautiful girlfriend and I went for some breakfast. We decided to visit the Milchbar Café in Strausberg, located in the very beautiful and picturesque old town. You should visit both – the cafe as well as the old town of Strausberg!

Definitely worth your attention.

Ninety Minutes to #Berlin


250km/h. Don’t try this at home.

While heading back home from Frankfurt to Berlin, I had to change trains in Hannover. From there to Berlin the distance is quite exactly 300km. Have you ever tried doing this on the infamous A2 Autobahn? It will usually take around three to four hours, often even more.

In comparison, the ICE train I’m currently in will do the same distance in less than ninety minutes.

Ninety. Minutes. From Hannover. To Berlin.

And yes: Spandau is not Berlin. But from Hannover to Spandau, it will only take around 75 minutes.


2.51mm F/2.0 1/100s ISO94, HTC U12+, filtered using Adobe Lightroom CC

Some minutes ago, I drove my children back home to their mom. After releasing them at home, I played a little bit with my HTC U12+ and enjoyed its front camera’s ability to add fake bokeh to selfies.

I like this picture!

For the winners

3.95mm F/1.8 1/100s ISO400, Huawei P20 Pro, filtered using Adobe Lightroom CC

Today, a ballroom tournament takes place in the wonderful Tanzschule am Bürgerpark in Berlin Pankow.

The team has prepared everything and is ready for some great competition. And the winners will receive and glory and those wonderful cups.

Go for it!